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New Zealand Techniice Ltd is the sole distributor for Techniice products in New Zealand. The company is proudly owned and operated by the Harvey family, based Christchurch.

Techniice is a Division of Global National Australia Group of Companies which was established in 1984 and nearly after a decade of research and development into long-lasting, reusable refrigerant technology. We released the first Techniice Reusable Dry Gel ice packs to the world market which now serve as a key element in the cold chain industry. The release of Techniice ice packs have provided a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to dry ice. These Australian invented and manufactured products to over 40 countries with patents pending worldwide.

After capturing the market with this groundbreaking product Techniice decided to use the substantial knowledge and experience in thermal science to develop a range of highly efficient Commercial grade Ice Boxes which have become highly sought after in both local and international markets with lasting contracts with International Airlines, Supermarket Chains, Defence Departments across the world to name a few. Techniice was the Supplier of Choice for both the Beijing and Atlanta Olympic Games.

Coolers, Ice Chests in the US, Chilly bins in New Zealand, Ice Boxes in Australia, these are just some of the words people use to describe insulated containers that are used to keep your food and drinks cold. Established in 1984, Global National has been at the forefront of turning the humble icebox into a high-performance ice keeping marvel capable of keeping ice up to several weeks.

This flagship TECHNI ICE™ is now exporting ice boxes and re-usable icepacks to more than 38 countries. TECHNI ICE™ boxes are widely regarded as the best of the best. TECHNI ICE™ ice Boxes and TECHNI ICE™ Re-usable Dry Ice Packs are distributed through operations in Australia and America and through dealer networks and joint venture operations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa and New Zealand.  

TECHNI ICE™ iceboxes are manufactured to the highest industry standards and continually evolve with the latest ice box and ice pack technology as they are developed wherever possible.

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- Commercial Kitchens
- Airlines
- Medical Supplies

- Picnic's
- Outdoors
- Camping


What Our Customers Say

Our Techniice chilly bin has allowed us to be in remote locations for many days at a time. A very good and robust product.

Jackie Dempster

I have purchased a 125L Chilly Bin for the back of my boat and it is the greatest chilly by far. I froze water in the chilly bin and it lasted total of 19 days before ice was almost gone.

Trevor Schwass

Your product has been invaluable to me at the markets & during production. I can't rave about them enough to other people!

Cassandra, NZ Chocolate Company

We use Techniice when we send out product to our online customers. We have found it very satisfactory, easy to make and clean to handle

Vic, Meat Direct

I purchased 4 of your bins last year. They are BRILLIANT!!

Russell, New Zealand

I bought a 105L Signature series Bin 6 Months ago and its hold Salt Ice for 10 Days have bought a smaller 60L as well.

Andrew, Te Awamatu

Just to give you some feedback on the chilly bin and freezer packs we bought 10 days ago - they are excellent! The bin and packs kept all our food and freshly caught fish really cool and cold when placed between the packs. Many thanks again for the trade.

Graeme, Canterbury

Paul, I thought I should let you know that no one can quite believe the ice-keeping abilities of your bins. Two days, two dozen beers and two bags of ice emptied into the 45 litre bin and nothing melted. The ice was still the same shapes out of the bags. Five days and 70% of the ice had melted and the beer was still ice cold. Just amazing…

Evan, New Zealand