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4 Ply Techni-Ice Re-usable Ice Sheets

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It comes in a light, flat sheet that expands into a 24-cell ice pack by just adding water. When used as recommended, Techniice stays frozen for days - 6 times longer than ice and 3 times longer than gel packs and most other ice packs when used in the same volumes. Techniice is a food grade product which remains flexible when frozen, can be cut to size and is completely safe and non-toxic. Techniice is reusable for years because it has a unique 4 layer/ply construction. This consists of two heavy duty, washable plastic surfaces on both sides, plus a two layer textile sheath on the inside to contain the polymer and resist puncture. This ensures long reusable life and provides insulation for superior performance. Besides a cold pack Techniice also doubles as a Heat Pack. The same sheet of Techniice can be used as both a hot pack and cool pack. This new model has been recently developed for high performance reusable applications. Four layer/ply construction comprising of two layers on the outside that are fully washable and two heavy duty inner fabric textiles that resist puncture and contain the refrigerant polymer. This new technology has patents pending worldwide and enables for the first time, a dehydrated refrigerant sheet, to be fully washable and able to be stacked into a freezer any which way up, and folded together without any of the sticking problems normally associated with dehydrated refrigerant sheets using non-woven fabric surfaces. The Heavy Duty Reusable Ice Packs (HDR) model is designed to resist puncture and is suitable for heavy duty reusable applications.

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